Burlesque Yoga (2005-2009)

A conceptual project of
spiritual mentor & muse Little Woo.

Sexy low-brow art meets sacred spirituality in a joyful dance!
Sassy entertainment becomes unconventional spiritual work!

Celebrate Your Sacred Sensuality... Va-va-voom!

The 5 Central Memes of Burlesque Yoga

Sacred and Profane are one

2. Low brow burlesque can be high brow performance art and spiritual treatise

3. Saucy striptease can be transformed into a healing movement form.

4. Participatory art helps convey profound spiritual concepts.

5. You are a beautiful divine being filled with humor, sensuality and creativity.



Public workshops

Private bookings

Little Woo currently offers Epic Evolution workshops
that feature teachings of the Sacred and Profane.

For the latest info, please visit her official website: 



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